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“Empowering Healthier Futures”

“Our Commitment to Service. Serving with Compassion & Purpose: Making a Difference Locally.”

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About Mauricio

Mauricio is an accomplished professional with expertise in Medicaid. His track record includes successful collaboration with government agencies, healthcare providers, advocacy groups, and non-profits. He has delivered invaluable information to diverse audiences in Pennsylvania, serving as a facilitator, leader, presenter, and trainer. Mauricio’s initiatives have positively impacted Medicaid Managed Care expansions in Pennsylvania, marketing, and outreach strategies. 


Mauricio collaborated with health systems to enhance education, preventive care, and screenings for Asians, African Americans, Latinos, and Pacific Islanders. His commitment extends beyond work—he serves on the Board of Directors of multiple non-profit organizations and actively serves in his church.

Faith in Jesus & love of Family are the bedrock of purpose and connection that drive his purpose for serving others.  Mauricio enjoys family time, playing the guitar and has some familiarity with recording studios and performing stages.

"My purpose for living is to serve and if I don't serve Him and others, I don't serve the purpose of living".


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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